of myths and legends


I collect items for good fortune. I dress the body with charms for wellbeing, clarity of mind and strength. Deers of health and harmony seat on my hair. Anthropomorphic necklaces, effigies of an ancient belief, rest around my neck. On my wrist and arms, I placed metals – horns of plenty and locks of emotions. On my fingers, you will find symbols of unity and on my ears silver jewellery to keep the unpleasant words away.

I narrate through symbols the traditions, the customs and the cultures that keep us united.


All clothes by DIMITRI ZAFIRIOU. Made in Greece.
PHOTOGRAPHER Ioanna Chatziandreou. STYLING Lazaros Tzovaras. MAKE UP Morfe. HAIR Renos Politis.

MODELS Veronica Primorac (ACE models), Stelios Katopodis.

Wild boars

The first man founded Arcadia before the appearance of the moon. A magic child was born in the twilight world of satyrs, fauns, centaurs and sileni. They celebrated and raised the child, the later erotic God Pan. Tradition says that his descendants may still be glimpsed.

Wild boars were their favourite animals. 


Photographer: Yiorgos Mavropoulos. Styling: Lazaros Tzovaras. Make up / Hair: Morfe.

Model: Eliza (D models)